Photo Restoration

A photograph is the window to the past, they are cherished memories of loved ones who have passed and evidence of places our ancestors once lived.  Sometimes these irreplaceable photographs can become damaged and worn through the passage of time and may become irrepairable.

The photo restoration service that I provide is very affordable, and I can assure you that complete dedication, empathy and affection will be shown when restoring your photograph. The following information will show you how to request a restoration of your photograph and the different levels of restoration.

How to send me your photograph:

Land Mail

Please contact me at or via my contact form to discuss your original paper photograph being sent to me by post.

Scan and email your photo

You can scan your photograph and email me the image to Ensure that the settings for your scanner are set to high/fine quality and in RGB format, even if the photograph is Black and White.

Digital Upload

Please attach the digital image of your photograph and complete the below form.  Please ensure that your digital image is saved in high quality and RGB format.



Once I receive your scanned photo, digital image or posted photograph, I will then examine the image and give you an exact quote on the cost and length of time it will take to restore your photograph. If you agree to the quote, I will then undertake and complete the restoration and email you a watermarked proof of the completed work for you to review and confirm.

The next bit…

An invoice of the work will then be sent. Once payment has been made for your photo restoration, i will then release and send you the complete and unwatermarked version of the image.

Services and price guide

Basic – from £5

  • Simple fade corrections
  • Contrast adjustments
  • Simple dust and scratch removal
  • Sharpening
  • Cropping

Minor/Medium – from £15

  • Minor fading
  • Minor discolouration
  • Light mould or damage
  • Hair-line fissures

Heavy/Severe – from £35

  • Deep scratch marks
  • Facial area corrections
  • Multiple paper wrinkles
  • Moderate specks of mould damage
  • Medium fading
  • Small areas missing

Colourisation – from £25

The colourisation of Black & White photographs can be a long and time consuming task depending on the amount of elements in the photograph, if the photograph is very old then an investigation of the possible colours of the elements (clothing etc) will be undertaken to get as near to accurate as possible.

35mm Photo Slide Scanning – from 0.30p per unit

Do you have any old 35mm photographic slides gathering dust?  I can scan your slides, do a quick colour boost of them, and digitally save them to a format of your choice (CD, Flash memory etc).  The cost will be £0.30p per unit slide, up to 100 units.  Please contact me via my contact form for any enquiries.

How to pay for your photo restoration

Payment is made securely and safely through Paypal by Debit or Credit Card. I will send you an invoice with a breakdown of work done on the photo restoration, which will have a Paypal payment button attached to the invoice so that payment can be made. You will not have to sign up for a Paypal account to make payment.

Please note, a delay in payment will mean a delay in you receiving your completed restored photograph.

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